nautical bedroom inspiration

nautical bedroom inspiration

hey whats up you guys? my name is emily andin this video i'm going to show you how to make four easy beach room decoration ideas. lets get on with the video! the first diy i'm going to showyou how to make is a burlap pillow. you want to cut two squares orrectangles of the same size out of burlap. you can lay the first piece over the burlapto get a second piece of the same size. now you can lay the two piecesof burlap on top of each other. then you can lift up the top layer and you want to take a glue gun

and put a line of glue onthe edge of the bottom layer. then you can put the toplayer of burlap into the glue and then you can carefullypress the burlap together. do this all the way around andmake sure you leave a opening so you can flip thepillow inside out later. you can also sewthe pillow together. when the glue is dry youcan flip the pillow inside out and then you can stuff the pillow. when you're done stuffing the pillowyou can glue or sew the opening shut

by folding one side of the opening. then you can put the glueon the side that's not folded and you can close the opening shut. now you want to drawor print out a seahorse, another sea creature, ora word onto a piece of paper and then you want to cut it out so there will be a hole that's in ashape of the sea creature or the word. when you're done cutting, you wantto put tape where you started cutting at so your template is in one piece.

then you can place the template on top ofyour pillow and then you want to tape it on. when the template is tapeddown onto your pillow, you can paint the sea creature or theword white or any color that you want with acrylic paint and a paintbrush. you may need to paint the pillowwith one or more coats of paint it just depends on how youwant your pillow to look like. when the paint is dry you can take off thetemplate and you'll be done with the pillow. the next diy i'm going to show youhow to make is a sea glass mobile. you want to start off bylaying out pieces of sea glass

that's in any color in four rows and make sure you line upeach piece of sea glass with the piece of seaglassnext to it in the next row. you can make anypattern that you want and you can put as many piecesof sea glass as you want in a row. now you can take some fishingline and place it onto one of rows. make sure you leave some extra fishingline at the top so you can tie them later. then you can glue the fishing line ontothe middle of each piece of sea glass and make sure the fishing line isstraight before gluing it to the sea glass.

then you can cut offthe extra fishing line you don't want off of thesea glass that's on the bottom. do this for the other three rows. you can use glue from a gluegun but you can only use this glue if you're going to keepthe mobile inside your house. if you're going to put it outside you willneed to glue it with something else like super glue or you can tie thefishing line onto each piece of sea glass. now you can take two sticks of the samesize and glue them together into a x. now you want to take some twine

and wrap the twine tightly aroundthe middle of the x a few times. then you can tie a knot and then you can makea loop and tie another knot. before tying the loop you can hold itup to make sure the sticks don't lean. if you need to you can cutoff the extra twine you don't need. this is how the mobile will hang. the last thing you have to do isthat you want to flip the sticks over so you can see the bottom of the x and then you can tie the rows ofsea glass onto each end of the sticks.

you want to tie a knot about three to fivetimes so the fishing line doesn't come undone. then you can cut off thefishing line you don't need. when you're done you cancarefully pick it up and hang it up. if the mobile is leaning you cantry moving each of the rows. the third diy i'm going to showyou how to make is a turtle canvas. you want to draw one or moreturtles on a canvas that's any size. you don't have to draw turtles youcan draw another sea creature. when you're done drawing you want topaint around the turtles or sea creatures. you can paint the canvaswith one color like how i did

or you can paint morethan one color on the canvas and if you want you can paint in the turtles but i decided i liked thewhite silhouettes of the turtles. when the paint is dry youcan erase any pencil markings and you'll be done with your canvas and you can place itanywhere that you like. the last diy i'm going to show youhow to make is a seashell wall hanging. you're going to need any type of stick. i found this one outside on the ground.

you want to tie the ends of threepieces of twine into knots onto the stick. then you can tie each endof another piece of twine into knots on both sides ofthe stick so you'll have a hook. you're going to wantsomething like this. now you can layout theseashells you want to use so you'll have an idea of howit will look like when it's done. you can use any type ofseashell that you want. then you can glue theseashells onto the twine. if you want you can put a pieceof paper underneath the twine

so you don't get glue onto anything. you can also add moreglue onto the twine and seashells so theyhave a stronger bond and they don't fall off. when you're done gluing the seashellsonto the twine you can cut off any twine you don't need andthen you'll be done and you can hang thisanywhere that you want. and that's how you make thesebeach room decoration ideas! in the comments down below let meknow what you think about these diys

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