my bedroom design style

my bedroom design style

what’s up everybody? this summer i’m partnering with target to be your college stylist. today i’m going to show you some of my favorite tips and simple ways to style a dorm room. let’s get into it. the first thing i want to show you is this nightstand which is super cute because it’s got white and wood mixed together. i love how it has storage for everything you need at night, or the first thing in the morning.

what i really want to show you is my tapestry. you guys know i love them and i have them all over my room, so i brought one to my dorm and i put it on my bed, but you can totally hang it on the wall with some 3m hooks. next is the pocket sheet. i talked about this a little bit in my haul video but now you can see how you can put your phone in it, or your headphones. it’s pretty cool.

lastly i wanted to show you some of the faux succulents i added. you guys know how much i love these, i have them all over the place. and the best thing about them is that they’re not real so you don’t have to worry about the lack of lighting in your dorm to keep them alive. they still look really great. if you liked my dorm video for target make sure to give it a big thumbs up.

ask me any dorm styling questions you have in the comments section below, because i’m picking the best ones and answering them live on target’s facebook live event, coming soon. for more college inspiration, check out my haul video and diy video if you haven’t seen them yet. or, check out the college stylist kik bot. don’t forget, you can get everything you see in this video and everything you need for college

at target and bye!

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