modern bedroom bed design

modern bedroom bed design

hey this is the black belt panda in thisvideo i'm going to show you how to build this modern bedroom this is part five inthe modern house tutorial series alright let's go ahead and get started byraising these gray concrete pillars up by six blocks so i'm going to bring thisup by six and then fill that in all the way across to the other side all rightnow i'm gonna repeat that on the other side bring this up by six blocks andfill in all the way to the back alright with that done we can go ahead and startworking on the back of this so we're gonna place more gray concrete blocksright along the bottom here now we're gonna bring it up on the right side allthe way to the top then we're gonna

bring that across to the other side anddown by one more block and we're gonna bring the left side all the way down now we can fill in the middle with someblack stained glass panes should look like thatnext we can replace the floor from the back to the front with more grayconcrete now along the back here we can play some quartz slabs to create ourstaircase one slab up at a time spiraling around in a 3x3 just like this and once you reach this point here goahead and carry it across to the other side to create our landing from thelanding to the front we can fill in with

white concrete blocks to create a littlehallway and once you get to the front go ahead and leave two blocks of space justlike that and then we can place some more glass panes along the end to createa little railing and then we'll go ahead and put another railing on the otherside right over here on the landing and then down at the bottom of the staircasewe can create a pillar of glass panes going all the way up to that landing wecreated to connect with the railing just like that along the back here we cancreate a little glass pane wall three blocks tall from one side to the otherjust so we don't fall off the staircase when going up it and the whole thingshould look like that when you're done

now back up towards the railing herewe're gonna break a doorway two blocks wide and four blocks tall and then placeglass panes along the right side of that and then we can fill in this entire areahere with concrete blocks all right next we can come around to this sidehere and extend this whole wall out by one block just like this all right withthat done we can head on over to the concrete pillar here move one block inand create a five block tall pillar of white concrete blocks and extend thatout to the side there by nine more blocks and then go ahead and fill inthat space with white concrete blocks now we're gonna bring that out by onemore block in this direction here and

then we're gonna skip three blocks andon the fourth block will place more concrete and carry that over one blockaway from the edge and then carry that back to the gray concrete wall now goahead and place more concrete to match the other wall four more blocks up likeso and take the top all the way around to the other side matching the shapethat we just created it should look like thatonce you're done now we can fill in this entire space here with the black stainedglass panes looks good now we can place more on the left side of this doorwayhere and on the right side as well and that's our window completed so with thatdone we can now head on over on the

inside and fill in the entire ceilingwith white concrete blocks all right and this wall we're gonna place upside-downquartz stairs all the way up to the top like so and then quartz slabs threealong the bottom two above that and one more above that to create this shapehere now place an anvil next to it and three-leaf blocks above that create ahouse plan dark oak blocks two wide three tall next to that with stonebuttons in the middle for a dresser and then iron trapdoors to the left of thatto create some shelves just like so and go ahead and place some more along thetop running to the wall just to kind of connect the shelves to the dresser makeit look nice now we can place no on the

right black carpet on the left to makeit look like clothes on the shelf and then a flowerpot with whatever floweryou like over here just add a little bit of plant light in this corner we canplace a quartz slab and on either side of that and upside down quartz staircreate a little table and the corner will place an end rod and on top of thatwill place a sea lantern to give us a nice little lamp next to that a flowerpot with whatever flower you like inside just to add a little bit more life tothe table now we'll play some black banners three along the wall here threenext to that to to the right of that and then onemore right there to create this pattern

and now mirror that pattern on the otherside over here so three three two and one looks goodnow along this wall we can place a black pool right in the corner count down oneblock and then over two blocks and place another black wool place two to theright of that and then place three more in this direction and fill in in betweento create a three by four rectangle of black wool on either side of that we canplace a sea lantern and we'll cover this up later for some hidden lighting andthen place one at the bottom one block away from the black wool like so and nowplace court stairs along the front of the black rule just like that and quartzslabs on top of those to create the

headboard for our bed and then cordslabs at the foot of the black wool next we can place some black carpet allaround the space we just created now we're gonna place another row next tothat except on the blocks that are touching the gray concrete wallon either side of the space not along the bottom just like that now we can usewhite concrete two blocks right there and an iron trapdoor in between in thisspace here and then along the top all the way to the other wall and now we canuse to end rods to act as a little support and extra lighting in the cornernext we'll place our black beds three facing this direction turn around andplace three facing the other direction

and we've got a really nice big bed nextwe're gonna add our lighting above it so use light gray concrete one block to theleft of the bed place that all the way across one block to the rightadd another layer and then another one but skip that block and that block andthen two more layers after that in those spaces we skipped we can play some clanterns to get some nice lighting above the bed looks good now on the outside we're gonna place anupside down quartz stair right there and then we're gonna carry quartz slabsacross leaving three blocks of space at the end and we're gonna place an upsidedown quartz tear right there one next to

it there and then one more next to itright there to create a nice corner we're gonna use the quartz slabs go tothe other corner and we're gonna do the same thing so we've three blocks ofspace from the end place an upside down quartz stair another one next to it andthen turn and one more and then we can place another upside down quartz stairalong this wall here and then connect between them with the quartz slabs tocreate a nice balcony railing i like it now we can play some leaf blocks alongthe front here just add a little bit of extra life to the balcony and then twoblocks from the right side we can place a quartz stair and a one one block overfrom that and in front of both of those

we can place some quartz slabs and thensome item frames on either side of the stairs to create some arms for our nicerelaxing chairs a flower pot in the left for a mug and then an end rod withanother end rod on top of it in the middle a birch fence on top of that withan iron trap door on top of that and then we can place some red and whitestriped banners on either side each side of the birch fence and that gives usnice closed sun umbrella back to the backside here we're gonna extend theceiling out by one more block and we're gonna extend it out to the other side byone block as well and then one more block over like so bring that out by twoblocks like that and three blocks and

another block over and then four blocksand another block over and we're gonna repeat this five blocks and anotherblock over and then six and then seven and it should look like that then we cancome around to the top head over to the second indent in right there and thenbreak a block and make that for long move over a block and then make anotherone that's three long like so skip a block to long skip a block and break onekind of looks like a wi-fi bar now on the back here we can play some quartzslabs one right there four above that and then eight above that to give us anice little design along the back wall so it's not quite so plain background tothe inside you can replace the floor

with light gray concrete if you're not afan of all the white it's a great way to make the room a little warmer i personally prefer it this way and itmatches the lighting fixture above the bed all right i hope you enjoyed thistutorial if you did please click that like button subscribe if you haven'tdone so already and share this video with your friends i'm sure they'llappreciate it this is the black belt panda thanks for watching i'll see youin the next video bye

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