master bedroom walk in closet design ideas

master bedroom walk in closet design ideas

today we are going to show you how to installa simple diy built in robe using plasterboard and a steel framing system and its going tolook like it's always been there. using an electronic stud finder we mark theposition of the top frame of the wardrobe. we then mark and cut the ceiling and floortracks which will hold the upright studs in place. the stud channel is simple to use. it cuts easily with aviation snips. we then measure and screw the floor channelinto position using pan head screws. so now we're going to put the wall frame on,drilling into the wall, safety glasses. got

yours? checking for level we then fix the metal studto the walls. we then position the top frame and mark thefixing points for pre drilling. with the ceiling, floor and walls frames inposition, the wardrobe begins to take shape quite quickly. we then use a piece of track for the top ofthe door frame. we cut and bend a flap in each end to actas a bracket that we can screw into. we then add some small upright frames to supportthe plasterboard above the door. then we begin to mark and cut the plasterboardsheet ready for fixing.

plasterboard is a really user friendly material. it cuts easily with a standard trimming knifeand then breaks neatly along the cut. i then use a piece of cornice to mark thecut-out on the plasterboard. it makes for a neat fit and less filling. using stud adhesive and bugle head screwswe are going to fix the inside sheet first the we will come around and do the outside. ill just get these last couple on. right, up we go. having precut the plasterboard we then useadhesive and then fix it into position.

the adhesive dries fairly quickly and thecombination of screws and adhesive ensures the overall strength of our built in robe. once the plasterboard is all on, we use ametal corner moulding for extra strength. we also apply paper tape to where the plasterboardmeets the existing wall. we then fix the cornice into place using corniceadhesive. before the adhesive goes off give it a goodclean-up with a sponge, it saves a lot of time later, right dene? our split door frame is a great idea, youput it in in 2 parts and it screws together beautifully.

we've pre-painted the frame and the doorsso we fix the into position and the wardrobe starts to look great. perfect, beautiful. all you need to do is just dress it up insidewith whatever you want, shelves draws or pigeon-holes or whatever and that's it. and it wasn't too difficult, it's somethingyou can do at home. it looks like it belongs there. a coat of paint and it's done.

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