master bedroom upstairs ideas

master bedroom upstairs ideas

- hey friends, today'svideo is sponsored by lull. they are a mattresscompany that has provided two lovely, brand new mattressesfor the girls' bedroom, and because of this and the fact that they are sponsoring today's video, i'm going to finallyget this camera upstairs and film the upstairs house tour. if you remember, a littleover a year ago when we moved, it was a super busy timeas all of life is, right,

and i filmed a house tour in which i showed you guys abig chunk of our house. but by the time i got outsideand i was closing the video, i remembered i never went upstairs. so many of you have askedwhat our upstairs looks like, what our sleeping arrangementsand everything is, like with how we have thekids' closets and bedrooms and such set up. so we'regonna get up those stairs today and i'm gonna give you a tour up there.

also here are our lovelymattress boxes, so apparently, these fantastic mattresses,they came to the door, they're in a box, andwe're gonna take them out and they're gonna be thebest mattresses ever. so we're gonna unboxthese in the process too. since i am in full third-trimester mode, i am 36 weeks as of filming this video, if i keep my hair out of my eyes, and i'm not carrying these boxes in.

that's what i have happyhelper teenage sons for. so i'm gonna have oneof those happy helpers haul these upstairs to the girls' room and then we'll start on our tour and get this show on the road. hey guys, so we aregoing up the stairs here. now again, when we bought thishouse, there was a door here. so we took it out, becausei just thought it was so odd to have a door at the top of the stairs.

you know, with smallchildren and everything, it just didn't feel safe. so right when you get upto the top of the stairs, and i am gonna be out of breath, because again, benjamin david! this is actually naomiand amelia's closet. and then down here, we havejayden and zion's closet. but now, their bedroomsare in different locations. the reason for this is werecently switched bedrooms.

let me turn off this bathroom fan. so girls' closet is atthe top of the stairs, and then here we have atticspace behind these shelves. believe it or not, we purgedso much stuff when we moved, i haven't had to utilizethe attic space as of yet. so for now, we justput these shelves here, and as you can see, wehave a lot of blankets. and i've actually gottenrid of a lot of blankets, but some blankets, like this one,

travis's grandma made, and wegot baby blankets and quilts, and you know, a lot of theseare pillow shams at the top, and then i have sheetsand mattress protectors, more pillow shams and sheets and things and these pull-out bins. so here we have our boys' room. now in our boys' room, we havefive boys in this room now, this is my older boys' side of the room. we have where jayden sleepsand where zion sleeps.

and then this is zion's area, and so he's got a shelfwith his collections, and a desk, some of his plush toys, a box i would like for him to unpack, a collection of books, a telescope. and then over here it'sjayden's side of the room. now he has some things out,he's actually on a trip now, with several friends. so a bunch of his stuff is packed up.

usually there's more things here. also what we have that's really nice in both of our boys'room and our girls' room, is we have these, becauseit's a cape cod style house, we have these lovely little pocket rooms. and so in here we have, there'slike seven or eight totes full of tons of stuff. that mess on the door there is when, this was the girls'room, naomi made a stage.

and she used stickersand nail polish and tape and you know, very creative kid. so one day, we'll get that painted. this table is just morefor puzzles or legos. the legos really end up, those are two overflowing lego tubs there, they end up getting broughtup and down the stairs a lot. even today, gabriel had one of his boxes out on the front porchand was doing legos.

so we at least have that area. so, here again, this side of the room. then we have, this isgabriel and liam's closet. and so we have pajamas andshorts and an underwear basket, and shirts, and about halfof these are summer shirts, half of these are fall and winter shirts. i don't at this point storetheir seasonal clothing, but again i do haveattic space to do that. i have just, i have purged, i have purged.

and i'm still good at this purging thing. there's a box of just miscellaneous, train tracks and somebooks, and i see a hat, and just odds and ends in there. we've got daniel's bed here. we actually call it his iron man bed, 'cause we have a pictureof iron man up there. and i think i shared in a recent vlog, i found a lot of just marvel superheroes,

i was trying to think of amulti-age theme for a boys' room. i've also recently ordered the boys some nice big beans bags for in here, because gabriel and liam dolike to spread out things. now a lot of the boys' toys,they're in different stages. so of course, jayden andzion, they're teenagers, they don't need no toys. liam is six, so he has a ton. all of his stuffed animalfriends are up top there.

gabriel, you can tellhe just turned eight, and he has passed on a lotof his stuffed animals, or just grown out of them. so although the kids areenjoying these little beanie boos a lot, and actually gabrielhas about five of those, i don't know where he put them,they might be under his bed, 'cause he has under the bed storage too. but like for gabriel'sbirthday he just had, he wanted legos, those are high dollar.

so we do lots of lego investments. and i got the boys all maroon comforters, and this maroon rug, and the bean bags are actually like a red and a blue, and i just thought that would go well. i love this green color on the walls. we have not painted oneroom since moving in, and so this room, i'mhappy with the color. so i'm gonna leave it.

but yeah, that's it, guys. this is the boys' room. not much else to see with that. they do like their superhero clock, too. and so here's a view from the hallway. and i have pictures oneither side of the wall and now this is the bathroomthat the kids share. so it does have doublesinks, which is nice. another thing that's nice is-

hello, jamerill vlogging, isall of these mirrors open. so the older kids have their own large, you know, toiletry and storagesection over the mirror. you can see the full belly picture. so we have, this is zion'sand jayden's and naomi's. and then the other kidsall have their own drawer. gabey and liam each have adrawer, amelia has a drawer. then we just have some extra drawers, so we feel like we have aton of space in this house.

even though we don't, we feel like we do. so the bathroom, when we first moved in, i said hey, let's do a star wars bathroom. as far as we've gottenis the shower curtain. i just have my differentlittle garden decorations hanging up in here, and againwe have not painted this. don't be scared by the colorson the toilet or the floor. amelia had a bottle oforange nail polish on here, and she got busy with it andpainted some orange nail polish

on the floor and the potty, yay! yay being four. so i keep two vacuums up hereand a broom for the kids, so they can vacuum their rooms every day. someone sweeps the back of the hallway. we have books, we havea screen from the window that a storm knocked out, weneed to get that put back in. but that is a nice big window. there's even a hook up there.

if i was a better personi'd probably hang a plant, but i haven't got that far. and we usually leave twolaundry baskets up here. actually in there, i havemy computer and my purse, my gopro batteries, sincei was filming upstairs. okay guys, this is the bathroom. and there's that closet again, here are just more picturesof kiddos through the years. and now this is the girls' room.

so this room, we didn'thave enough brain power when we moved in to realize that this room is actually the smallest of the two. this paint and wallpaper was here. we put the boys in here, with the plans that we weregonna paint it and everything, but then once i finally realized, one room is bigger than the other, and obviously we only have two girls

and the boys needed more room, because we were gonna putdaniel in the room too, while i was gone on atrip a few weeks ago, my husband and the kidsdid the big room switch. so, this is the girls' room, the girls are getting the new mattresses, and for two girls, theyhave plenty of room. as i said, they have onecloset, this is another closet. now this closet hasbecome entirely naomi's.

and in the hall closet,we have amelia's items, and then naomi has two shelves for all of her sewing goodies,because she loves to sew. so that's all that's going on in there. so anyways, this is naomi's closet. a better person would'vealready put up like, a little retention rod and a curtain, but i just don't care atthis point, there we go. there's, naomi's got amannequin for her sewing,

and there's one of her creations, and she has her bathrobe on it. so over here, we haveamelia's side of the room. now, something thatthe girls have in here, that we haven't gottendone in the boys' room yet, is they have shelves by their beds. jayden and zion have shelveson either side of the room, and so for gabriel andliam, they have shelves that we need to get putup along their bunkbeds.

and they'll still have plentyof room to sleep and all that, but i really like the kidshaving shelves 'cause they can, you know, decorate and create, and put their ownspecial goodies up there. this is another quilt thattravis's grandmother made for us when we got married. amelia has two miscellaneous toy bins here and then on her shelf, she's got cars and woodzees and some cowgirl hats.

those are two flower pictures i did, many years ago, and then her bed, voila. and she needs a new mattressand now she's getting one. and then on naomi's side,lots of creativity here. so we have every stuffedanimal in the world and all of her special collections, including a coyote skin thather grandmother gave her. we have twister, we have a lava lamp that i don't wanna committo plugging in yet,

and we have army guys,and jewelry, and a maraca, and a painting, and somefavorite books, and you know, just lots of feelings; she's almost 11, so a lot of thought goes into her room. she has more sewing stuffsticking out from under her bed. then the girls, in thisarea, we don't have anything, which is fantastic, justanother box of books, 'cause you know i love all the books. and then naomi has her dressfor her upcoming dance recital,

and then the girls in here,this is the barbie dream houses, and the woodzees, and all theother girl toy accessories. that's why i love these dormers, because the toys do not have to be out. and, i'm pretty sure, in this dormer, there's just as much room, soone day we will get to that. but this is the girls'room, where i'm fine with the blue and the purple flowers, and i got them the purple rug, and yeah.

so now, now we are goingto unbox these mattresses and see what they looklike, and you can see, i've gotten the girls somemore, when i was at hobby lobby, i picked up some more goodies for them, so i'm gonna do this wall here, and yeah. one thing at a time, so mattresses first. alright friends, so we aregonna unbox these mattresses and get them on the girls'bed, see how they work out. so this is how it lookslike all packaged up.

looks like i can get a free lull t-shirt! and then they have a book about it. oh and also i have a discount code for you guys to get $50 off, so don't forget to look forthat in the description below. also the nice thing is, lull has a 100 night money-back guarantee. and yeah, so good mattresses. okay, so real classy here.

(box thuds) i did that, let's see how this goes. okay, i'm doing this 36 weeks pregnant. of course, i did not carry them upstairs. it's easier to pull it outthan to push the box back. i can do that, there we go, yay! okay, so we got it out. oh, nice. and here is their name, andthis is how it's all packaged.

(playful music) oh, this thing is comfy already. okay, now i'll just take a napright here for a little bit. so, this one will be amelia's, and i can get the stuff off her bed, but i'm gonna need one of thosehelpful teenage boys again to help me get her old mattress out and get this new mattress on. now this is neat, we justdrug naomi's out of the box.

zion helped me and he dumped out this one. and look, or listen, you canhear it filling it up with air. it is slowly expanding,that's really neat. they have a video on their website that shows their wholecompression process, so that everything's packaged in a box about the size of a minifridge, so that's cool. here's how amelia'smattress looks on her bed, and i haven't made it yet.

got her pillow pile and stuff here. next we're gonna get this on naomi's bed, and then we'll make 'e, look pretty again. okay guys, so besides thereality of amelia's pile, and naomi's pile, with awhole bunch of stuffed animals under there, this is whattheir beds looks like with their new lull mattresses. they are super comfy. i honestly just laid down inamelia's bed for a little bit

to take a rest and try out the mattress, and it passes my third trimester approval. what else can i tell you about these? well, the mattresses thegirls had on their beds, they were jayden and zion's mattresses, from back when the boyswere like three and five. and they're now about to be 14 and 17, so they had some old funkymattresses on their bed. here's a closer look at, ohyeah, pregnant pregnancy shadow!

hey, benjamin's shadow, atthese nice, comfy mattresses. we just need to make the bedsnow, but they're really plush, i know the girls are gonnaenjoy these mattresses for years to come, so thank you to lull, for sponsoring this video, and check out, down in the description below, to get $50 off your lull purchase, and we are gonna make thesebeds look pretty again. and i know i have abazillion large-family-style

freezer cooking videos to go edit, so that's gonna be mydown-time this evening. so i'll see you next timewith another brand new video. thanks for touring outupstairs with us, bye-bye.

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