master bedroom tv unit designs

master bedroom tv unit designs

hi there, i’m claire jefford, principal decoratorand owner at creating contrast designs, and welcome to my clients’ master bedroom. this is myclients’ home in burlington, ontario. they are a professional, working couple and they have twogrown-up children that are both in university. when i first met with my clients, the space was very muchlacking personality, they really wanted a nice retreat where they could come in and close the doors at the end ofthe night, and have it a space that is all their own. this master bedroom is a fairly large space, so what i decided todo was over by the window, we have a little sitting area. we got this custom chaise that we did for my client, as well asa table so he can sit and watch the tv or read his book. we wanted to create a layered look within this space, especiallythe focal point of the bed. so we have the headboard, we’ve got the pillows on the bed, the custom fabric with the chevron of thetwo accent pillows as well, and we also have the artwork that

i purposely layered in behind the pendants, just to give it that extra added dimension and beauty. the drapery is a ripple fold drapery, it just hangs beautifully.they’re fully functional as well, because this room gets really hot, so my clients do need to be able to close the drapery in the evening, and it actually looks totally stunning when they are closed. my clients specifically requested that they wanted to have an areafor storage and a media unit as well. so i designed this built-in unit here that you see behind me, and in the cupboards behinds mehere, is actually the husband’s…all of his clothing, folded clothes, very neatly kept now, and we also have, obviously, the tv —â it ison a swivel so if they’re sitting at the chaise they can watch it or in bed as well. we decided to choose a shaker door stylefor the cabinetry as well as a brushed nickel hardware, just to keep it really simple, and what i especially loveabout this space is the crown moulding that you see on the unit here, and how it actually just wraps right onto the crownmoulding throughout the bedroom. it just really is a piece that

is completely built-in and looks stunning. the inspiration forthe color palette really came from the fabrics —â i always like to choose a fabric first, and this was from the drapery fabrics, andthen where i found the fabric for the pillows, and also the artwork. it all tied in so beautifully, and the paint color on the walls isa classic benjamin moore revere pewter that i just love to use, and it fits so beautifully, it’s like a chameleon in so manyspaces and is so warm, but still works very well with the greys. for their gorgeous ensuite, they had asked me to source someartwork, which i did locally here in burlington, and one of the major features was the large piece that is over the soaker tub.i also suggested that we do two pieces of artwork, one on top of the other, just over the toilet, and it’s a mirrored reflectionso again, just keeping the space bright and keeping it open. and lastly, we decided to do a window treatment, and what we didwas we repeated the same fabric which we used in the master bedroom for the ripple fold for the continuity into the ensuite, but wedid it as a roman blind and it just looks gorgeous.

so i love when i’m able to do a reveal day, and for these clients i was able to do just that. i had — all in one day — i had the drapery installed, the window treatment in the bathroom as well, i hadmy electrician hanging the pendants and the furniture came. so it’s always a bit of a buzz, and my clients were really kindand they waited downstairs, and when it was time to come up i asked them to walk up to the room on their own first, and i justloved my client’s face. she literally gasped, and was like, *gasp noise* and she turned around and she said, “i just haveto hug you, i love it so much.”

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