master bedroom shower ideas

master bedroom shower ideas

hi everyone, i'm alejandra and in this video i'm going to share with you how to organize your guestbathroom so your guests feel welcome and they feel like they can find everything they needwhen it's time for them to get ready and use the guest bathroom. first, if this is your first time watchingany of my videos and you were just beginning to get yourself more organized, there is alink below to help you get started for free. here is the guest bathroom, now i am goingto show you all the systems i have in place so your guest know exactly where to find somethingand it's really easy to access. right here is the medicine cabinet, and ithas basically anything that someone might

need to get ready fast in the morning, andjust anything they might need. let me share with you what's inside. there's toothpaste,there's floss, there's cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton pads, everything has a coveron top so it doesn't get dusty or dirty. there's wipes right here, there's little perfume samples.i'm going to show you, there's more samples down below of anything that someone mightneed right here. there's advil, there's more medication, there's mouthwash, there's travelspray, there's hand sanitizer, a lint roller and matches for the candle that is insidethe guest room. there is open space at the very top so if they want to unpack and puttheir stuff away, there is plenty of space to do just that.

on the vanity top, there's really not manythings, so again, they can put their stuff here and not feel like it is too cluttered.there's hand soap and there is lotion, and really that's it. when you have a clear vanitytop, it also makes it a lot easier to clean, wipe down, and also just keep it clean aswell. all right, now i've showed you these two places,let me share with you what is in the cabinet and the drawers below. down here is the cabinet and there is a setof drawers right hers, so i will show you the drawers first. these two drawers are completelyempty because you want your guests to be able to unpack and feel like they are at home,so nothing is kept inside these. if you have

to use your guest room as storage becauseyou need more storage, before your guests come, take everything out and clean it upand just make it empty for them to unpack. this drawer right here has extra toilet paper,there's some paper towels, there's tissues and a cup for rinsing the bathtub after theytake a shower, if it needs to be rinsed out. this cabinet right here has all of the toiletriesthat someone might need to take a shower, again to get ready in the morning, and everythingis of course sorted by category to make it super fast for someone to find exactly whatthey need, when they need it. there's body, there's face, shaving, lotion, tampons, hairstuff and then dental stuff. i just used pineapple labels because pineapples are a symbol ofwelcome. i used stackable organizers to maximize

your vertical space because you have thisreally tall cabinet and you don't want to have dead space. right here i have a over the cabinet doorblow dryer organizer, so it just gets the blow dryer our of the space and on to thedoor, again to maximize your space, and this is puttied down along with the stackable organizersi just shared with you. then there is the microfiber cloth right here, so your guestscan clean the top of the vanity if there is extra water, or it's dirty, and then thereis a cleaner right here, so they can use the cleaner if they would like. that's the cabinet, and those are the drawers,now let me share with you what is on the other

side of the bathroom. whenever i have guests who are about to comein to town, i will make sure they have fresh towels in here, so the day before i will comein and put fresh towels right here, and then these are face towels for washing your face,or for drying your hands, and this is in a basket that is puttied down to the top ofthe toilet so it's not going to move, or it's not going to slide off. of course, make surethat they are clean before your guests arrive. the toilet paper, i will just fold it in toa nice triangle, just like they do in a hotel. again, it's these little touches that makesthem feel like we were excited about their visit, and we are excited to have them insideof our home.

over here, there's two towels for drying yourhands and stuff, and then back here is the shower, so what i will do right here is, again,the day before they arrive, i'll take a foot towel and i'll fold it nicely, hang it righthere, and on the shelf right here, it's nice to go to someones house and they have, again,all the toiletries in the vanity, but also in the shower. there's bottles of shampoo,conditioner, there's face wash, shaving cream, and on the other side there's body wash andsoap. right here there is a squeegee that is hung using a command hook to get it offof the surface and on to the wall for squeegeeing the shower after you take a shower or takea bath. life is all about relationships, and havingguests over is a lot easier and less stressful

when your house is organized and you havesystems in place that work for you and your family. i hope you enjoyed this video, if this isyour first time watching any of my videos and you are just beginning your organizingjourney, there is a link below to help you get started for free. thanks for watchingand i will see you soon. bye.

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