master bedroom remodeling pictures

master bedroom remodeling pictures

[music playing] if you're luckyenough to have what i like to call"bonus rooms," it's important to get them right. a bonus room is basicallya non-essential room that you can useas a family room, a game room, office, laundrysuite, whatever you like. what's most importantis that these spaces fit your family'sneeds and lifestyle

and that they're well defined. i was fortunate enoughto have some space off one end of my kitchenthat i turned into a family room and game room. so now when someone'sin the kitchen cooking, guests and family caninteract with them. just because youhave five bedrooms, it doesn't mean theyhave to be bedrooms. i had a master wing and thenthree bedrooms leftover.

so i took the big,awkward skinny room, divided it into two, and stagedthem as specialty spaces. now i have one ofthem as an office, one of them as a family room. painting thatpicture for a buyer, telling them thepurpose of a room helps them picture themselvesin the space better. my favorite room outof all the bonus rooms was the one that usedto be used as a theater.

now it's a multi-functioningspace that can either be a man cave, a she shed, or it's justa private space that the kids can kick back and have fun. i find that a lot of buyerstoday actually work from home, so having a home officefor me is a must. i love the fact that i hadenough room here for two desks and lots of storage. so it almost gives that hisand hers feel for that home office environment.

if they ever needed to have thatfifth bedroom back, just pull out the office furnitureand the storage, and bam, it's back to a bedroom.

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