master bedroom office design

master bedroom office design

hi i'm mason. i'm krista. we have two little boys one is maxwell and the other is asher. we have a really great large master bedroom and we had these big dreams about having date nights in this room and as we've lived here we've realized that that dream is getting a little bit further and further away. our current furniture doesn't fit the space

very well. we want a place so we can cuddle. we want something where we can sit back and watch tv. i think it's very natural to take care of your kids but it's not very natural to go "does my husband have what he needs? does he feel love for me? that's really the meaning behind it. we know this is something that we really want to do you want to make the dream come true

and we're gonna make it happen. we were actually involved in the process of the makeover. it's amazing to me how fast it came together how easy stuff was to put together and how nice it looked. i feel at home in this space. before, our room was lots of future dreams. now all the dreams are a reality.

we have the perfect bed and we have a perfect nook. we have spaces for things in our life. a little workout area. there's a dresser that has plenty of room in it and places to hang robes or outfits or jewelry it's the perfect combination of style that we wanted in a room but at the same time it feels functional and it looks

amazing your room is a good representation of yourself and as people are always changing and growing and becoming something new your room can be that too we talked about upgrading to a king size bed and the memory foams were always these crazy ridiculous prices and we had no idea that ikea carried memory

foam. i've always known that lighting is important but to have three layers is awesome because there's black out underneath we can roll them up during the day and have the sheer open where it still lets in all this natural light but there's some privacy still. being in this space really inspires me to go and tackle the other rooms in our house that

need attention it should have definitely been higher priority list to finish this room. i would give that recommendation anybody: move it up! it's gonna be great to do dates in here. i can't wait to cuddle on the couch, it's gonna be good.

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