master bedroom designs with bathroom

master bedroom designs with bathroom

hi are you guys in my bedroom and ican't wait to reveal how it all turned out really quickly before i show it toyou i wanted to announce my new exciting endeavor i just started a podcast i'vebeen wanting to do this for so long so go look me up on itunes search want tobe balanced or crystal escobar and you'll find me can get to know a littlebit more about our family and our success story and a little bit behindthe scenes of family life my husband will be on some of the episodes so gocheck it out we have 5 episodes so far anyway back to my bedroom tour i got ridof a few pieces of furniture which i love because i'm going for a moreminimalistic decor so less is more right

i got rid of a bookshelf i got rid of alittle bench that was at the end of our bed when we first moved into this housei did i did lots of fun colors which was great for a while but i'm kind of movingaway from all the colors and going more with the neutral tones it's just fun tochange things up every once in a while but you think and one thing i'm reallyproud of is the fact that i put together this desk all by myself like that's hugefor me because i hate reading instructions and i usually have shawn doall that kind of stuff so i was really proud of myself took me like four hoursbut i did it oh and i wanted to tell you about the most amazing bedding from karaaloha it's my new favorite pretty much

obsessed with how soft my bed is and mysheets my it's amazing you guys so care aloha has the best sheets and bedspreadssupersoft made from bamboo it's really cool also i've linked everything to thedescription of this video so if you're interested in any other things that ipurchased in this room then i've provided the links below and be sure towatch the rest of my playlist for more videos like the different rooms thati've redecorated and reorganized and i plan to keep adding to it i've got a lotmore that i'm working on so lots more videosimilar to this coming to this channel so i would love it if you subscribe andfollow me on instagram because i post

pictures daily on instagram so i'll seeyou guys on the next video so here you go here's my master bedroom makeoverreveal

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