master bedroom designs white

master bedroom designs white

pottery barnthe white bedstephen whitehead my name is steven whitehead, i've been a bedding stylist for about fifteen years and i work with pottery barn. the white bed has a certain mystique andyou go into a beautiful spa hotel the beds tend to be variations of a white theme, and it allows peopleto completely unwind and just be. i think for a lot of people they think thatwhite is very delicate, when it's soiled, it'll let you know, as i would want my favorites to do and i wouldsay the majority of the bedding that pottery

barn sells is machine washable. it'svery easy to care for and you can trust that when you start to build a collectionof white bedding that it's always going to go together it's always going to be classic,it's always going to look good. the great thing about building a collection of white bedding is thatit's so easy, you add a new element, a new coverlet, a new sham, a new decorative pillow and all of a sudden you have a beautiful new room. it is timeless it's classic and you will alwaysbe able to use it. the nice thing about the white bed is that it cantake on any number of personas, it can be

very clean and masculine, very organized and geometric, it can be very romanticwith ruffle with beautiful heirloom linens, it can take on any type of identity you need itto take on. seasonally you can do lightweight wool blankets, lightweight cotton blankets sothat you can do it from season from summer to winter to spring. there's always an appropriatebedding that pottery barn sells that will work for any season of the year. one of our tricks of the trade to use a littlebit of water and a spray bottle to ease out wrinkles. you could use this in your guest room if youwant to freshen

a duvet or sheets before your guests arriveand what we've done too do is to add a little bit of lavender so that the water has a slightscent and just freshens the linen, and it makes it really welcoming to your guests. i think it's important in your linen closetor whatever storage you have is that, first of all, edit, get rid of anything thatyou don't use that doesn't function for you that's too small, that's dated, and then make sure that you fold your linensso that everything that you own is in plain view that you can access it that you cansee what is in your entire collection. that way you can rotate

you can make sure that your're utilizing everythingthat you own and your fabrics are going to wear more evenly that way and you'll enjoy themfor a much longer time. the bed is very important. we spent probably a thirdof our lives in bed. it's a space of renewal, and you want to have that space be tranquil andinviting and you want to have the best sound asleep possible. pottery barn

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